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We at The RESTORERS Group Inc. consistently monitor our sites to ensure a high level of safety. Our commitment to safety is our top priority and the continuous communication between site workers and the management team ensures a safe working environment from project start-up through to the completion of all projects.





Site setup and reviews:
The Project Manager along with the Site Supervisor review every project prior to commencement to establish the best method of approaching the project, both safely and logistically. Once the site is set up, it is again reviewed to ensure that there are no possible hazards to any workers or passersby. All workers are notified of the evacuation procedures as well as emergency procedures. All required safety information (MSDS Sheets, Safety Manuals etc.) are brought to the site and posted where all concerned can find any pertinent information quickly. Safety Notices are posted where required to accommodate the general public and to alert any visitors to the project. As the project continues, the Site Supervisor provides daily reviews of the site conditions, reporting to management on a weekly basis of any necessary changes. All equipment is checked and logged on a daily basis to insure that all workers are utilizing safe equipment.

Tool Box Meetings:
These brief site meetings are held during a lunch period or at the beginning of a day, to provide a number of possible safety techniques. These meetings are utilized to provide training for a new piece of equipment that the crew is not familiar with, or a reminder of a piece of equipment that is rarely used. This time can also be spent to review any questions that may arise on site. If there is some other issue which may be distracting the workers, these issues are dealt with immediately to ensure that all workers are focussed on their tasks. These weekly meetings are scheduled to reflect the type of work being completed on a project, or the effects that weather or site conditions may have in regards to safety.

Safety training can be provided in a number of varieties. Methods utilized by The RESTORERS Group Inc. include:

site training sessions

offsite seminars

video presentations

manufacturer’s training

Health and Safety consultant programs

As well as a wide variety of brochures, pamphlets, and booklets provided by a number of safety organizations including CSAO.

Off season training:
Workers with The RESTORERS Group Inc. constantly strive to increase their expertise on all safety issues, even during the bitter winter months when project sites are closed due to weather constraints. The Construction Safety Association of Ontario offers numerous training sessions on an increasingly large number of safety subjects. Although there are a number of required safety certificates earned by the employees of The RESTORERS Group Inc. in order to ensure a safe workplace, constant upgrading, refreshers, and new safety information is provided to all workers during this time of year.

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